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Spiritual Coaching

Strengthening Your Relationship With God

What's standing in the way of your faith? Are you centered with Christ or is there something causing you to go in a cycle of feeling good in Christ to feeling not so good in Christ. Ebbs and flows are normal but if you're feeling more ebb than flow, there might be some underlying thing causing you to not effectively progress.

Spiritual or "faith development" coaching looks at what you've done, what you're doing and identifies things that may be standing in the way of you and God. 

Oftentimes we have unforgiveness of self or others, distrust of parental figures that makes us distrust God, self sabotage, pride and a host of other things that must be dealt with, before we can have the relationship we desire. In coaching we'll sit down and discuss the matters of your heart, so that anything that cannot stand in the presence of God can be dealth with.


Personal Development Coaching

Guidance, Inspiration & Strength

We can be our biggest enemies. Even though we believe in ourselves, sometimes we are too hard on ourselves or push ourselves into failure due to the demands we've put into place.  
What are some of the thoughts you think about yourself? Even the ones we speak or think passively can affect us. 

We call ourselves lazy when its really underlying fear that keeps us from acting out our plans and promises to ourselves. We say we're procrastinators when its really fear and doubt about being successful that has us putting off what we said we'd do. 

So I ask, what are you telling yourself that's untrue?

Want to know how to identify it, I'll tell you an easy way; when you think about moving forth in your plans, projects or goals, what feelings do you have attached to it? Dread? Fear of failure? Lack of confidence?  

Coaching can help you assess the emotion behind the task and decide whether it is one that should hurt you or help you in your progress.


Life Coaching

Embrace Life’s Changes

Its a fact of life that as things change, you change. But are your circumstances changing you or are you changing your circumstances? Maybe you want to be better at communication, in relationships, on the job or just improve your life overall.

You may not have an areas of unhappiness, but you do want to learn how to be more effective at sticking to goals, plans and commitments. Or you want to get better at getting better, be more mindful, attentive- whatever. Life coaching can assist you with success in a array of areas. Al it takes is your commitment and a call. Get started today!

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"Spiritual Wisdom Is For The Spiritual Man. The Natural Man Can Receive Nothing From God".