Informational Sessions

"You're Sewing A Seed Into Your Future and You're Planting In Holy Ground"

Pre Coaching Session
Free-30 Mins

Our intro meeting! I’ll explain more about what coaching is and what it isn’t, what may have interested you in coaching and how I may be able to help you. No official coaching is done during this time, it will more so be a “discovery session”. Discovering, listening to and understanding your needs. This will also be the session where we determine if coaching will be useful for your needs.

*Please Note, this initial session must be completed before any packages can be purchased*

Complimentary Coaching

Free- 60 Mins

After our pre coaching session, I will invite you to a one hour session with me- free of charge. During this time, I like to speak more in depth about you, your life and your desires. We’ll discuss what coaching options are available to you and how you will truly benefit from working with me.

General Information

For inquiries that are not 1:1 coaching related.